Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call us as soon as possible. This will allow another patient in pain to use your appointment time. We request cancellation by 3:00pm on the business day prior to your appointment. Appointments cancelled after this time will be assessed a fee.

No show/missed appointment fee for follow-ups = $75.00
No show/missed appointment fee for procedures and EMG’s = $200.00
No show/missed appointment fee for new consults = $150.00

Prescription Policy

Pharmacological treatment is an important aspect of pain management. However, its use requires careful monitoring in order to avoid adverse outcomes. Every year in the US alone there are approximately 16,000 deaths by accidental overdose. Many more overdose without lethal complications or develop addictions. At Champlain Spine and Pain Management we want to prevent all of these possible negative outcomes. It is for this reason that we require all of the following when our providers prescribe pharmacological treatment:

  • A follow up appointment is required every 3 months in order to continue receiving controlled medications.
  • A three business day notice is required if a prescription is going to be picked up at our office.
  • Prescriptions being mailed to your pharmacy must be called in seven business days ahead of time in order to ensure timely arrival to your pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions called in after 3:00pm will be counted as the following business day. Please do not call in prescriptions after hours or on the weekends.
  • A pain contract must be read and signed in order to receive opioid medication.
  • Random urine and saliva tests are ordered regularly and must be completed in order to continue to receive prescriptions.


All co-pays and past due balances are expected at the time of service unless a prior agreement has been made.

All insurance cards/information needs to be up to date in our system.