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At Champlain Spine & Pain Management we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering with chronic pain. We treat all types of pain and all types of injuries, including sports injuries and worker’s compensation injuries. Patient care is provided by Board Certified highly trained and experienced team members who implement a multifaceted approach to the treatment of each patient. They use a range of the most scientifically advanced and effective tools in both the diagnostic and the treatment phases of recovery. We also work closely with other specialists to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible, including physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, orthotists, prosthetists, surgeons and mental health therapists. Our goal with every patient is to obtain the most accurate diagnosis and to coordinate the most effective treatments and diagnoses possible in order to help the patient recover from pain and return to their normal lives as quickly as they can.

Our Area of Expertise Includes:

• Back & Neck Disorders
• Overuse Injuries
• Sport Injuries
• Pinched Nerves
• Chronic Headaches
• Joint Pain

• Compression fracture of spine
• Worker compensation injuries
• Carpal tunnel Syndrome
• Shoulder injuries
• Knee Injuries
• Foot Pain

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