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Keeping in line with us being leaders and pioneers in non-surgical Pain Management we are the first clinic in Upstate New York to use TenJet. The TenJet system is an ultra-guided treatment used to help people who from chronic tendinopathy (chronic tendon pain). This is a great treatment option for people who have failed conservative treatment including physical therapy, pain medicine, injections and who want to avoid surgery. When tendon injuries last more than a few weeks the tendons can become weak and susceptible to tearing. These conditions can be very painful, and at time if left untreated may require surgery. TenJet can treat this painful condition before surgery becomes necessary.

How the TenJet procedure works

Unlike other technology available today, the TenJet system can deliver a controlled supersonic stream of saline work accompanied by a simultaneous Venturi suction system to the diseased area via 2 channel-needle under real-time ultrasound imaging to cut and selectively remove tissue of various densities in a minimally invasive manner. The TenJet system identifies and remove only the damaged calcified tendon tissue. The non-thermal stream of pressured saline acts as a blade for the diseased tissue while not affecting surrounding health tissue. Single-use hand-piece instruments have been specifically designed to hold, cut, sculpt or ablate tissue faster and with higher precision than other surgical modalities. Thereby enhancing clinical outcomes.

How long has TenJet been available?

HydroCision, a water-jet technology and medical device company, developed a unique fluidjet-assisted soft tissue removal system specifically designed to treat for tendinopathy and chronic tendonitis. In April 2018, Hydrocision partnered with Minolta Healthcare Americans to distribute this quick, easy, and affordable treatment to chronic tendonitis patients in the U.S.

Does it work?

Absolutely! Distinguished physicians across the United States have used the TenJet device to help thousands of patients find quick and effective relief. Although the procedure usually only takes 15 minutes to complete it provides many of the benefits of surgical debridement. The TenJet system is “an all-in-one told for needling, debridement and lavage of diseased tendon tissue under real-time ultrasound guidance”. The TenJet system is one of the most effective treatment available for chronic tendonitis.

Indications for TenJet

The TenJet procedure is used successfully for the following conditions:

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Patellar and Quadriceps Tendonitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • Hip pain due to Gluteus Medius tendonitis and bursitis
  • Other repetitive strain injuries
  • Calcific tendonitis

What to expect the day of the procedure

The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure at our surgical center. Most patients will only need numbing medication at the site of the procedure, although IV sedation can also be used for the patients’ comfort. The procedure itself is typically performed in 15 minutes or less, although your total time in the procedure room may be about 30 minutes. Due to minimally invasive nature of the procedure stitches are typically not needed. Most people feel relief within 4-12 weeks, although it may vary from patient to patient.

Is the procedure painful?

The TenJet procedure is typically not painful. We numb the area with a large volume of local anesthetic prior to the procedure and most patients are totally fine with the procedure. Additionally, we also offer our patients the option of receiving IV sedation for their relaxation and comfort during the procedure. After the treatment you may experience mild post procedural soreness at the site of the procedure, which typically does not last more than 48 hours.

Do insurances cover the procedure?

Most insurances cover the procedure, including Medicare.

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