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Chest, abdominal, and groin pain can keep you from doing your favorite activities and job. To help people living with this type of pain, Champlain Spine and Pain Management is here with advanced treatments to provide patients with the best care.

Abdominal Wall Pain

For some patients, pain in their abdomen may be more localized to the walls of their abdominal wall. Unfortunately, many people have the cause of their abdominal wall pain misdiagnosed or missed completely. This makes it all the more important to work with a specialized team that understands the different causes of abdominal wall pain, such as cutaneous root irritation.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is another common condition where a patient experiences discomfort in their chest. This pain can range from a dull ache to a shooting sensation. It is important to seek care immediately if you notice the sudden onset of chest pain, as it may be indicative of a cardiac emergency.

Chest Wall Pain

Chest wall pain is another common complaint that patients have, and many people will subsequently be diagnosed with costochondritis. When someone is experiencing chest wall pain, they may notice that their discomfort increases when they breathe deeply or if they cough. Thankfully, many causes of chest wall pain can be treated with medications and specialized therapy.

Chronic Sternal Pain

Much like chest wall pain, chronic sternal pain is most commonly caused by a condition known as costochondritis. When a fracture or other injury has been ruled out in cases where a patient is experiencing pain in their sternum, it becomes even more important to work with a specialist who can help identify less common causes of this pain and give you the care you deserve.

Inguinal Neuralgia

This condition refers to chronic pain that is localized in the groin and pelvis regions. Most commonly, inguinal neuralgia is caused by an injury or secondary to surgical procedures in the area. Most commonly, patients can experience relief from this pain through nerve block injections.

Intercostal Neuralgia

When a nerve is compressed near your rib cage, it is possible to develop what is known as intercostal neuralgia, which means that a patient is experiencing shooting, burning, or stabbing pains in their chest. In some cases, patients with intercostal neuralgia can also experience twitching and paralysis.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain refers to any discomfort that occurs in the pelvis. The conditions and injuries that cause pelvic pain differ between men and women. For example, women can experience this pain as a result of menstruation while men could experience pelvic pain from inflammation of the prostate.

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